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L.A. to mandate pet sterilization

Carla Hall (see Los Angeles Times article link below) fails to include Bill Dyer’s comment regarding “Zero Pet Population.” Dyer is a Director with IN DEFENSE OF ANIMALS. Could this be the true agenda? No pets? Why don’t we “fast track” Mr. Dyer’s goal, grab Fluffy & Fido and send them off to the Rainbow Bridge tonight!
Additionally, Ms. Hall has neglected to mention the incredibly rude and childish behavior of the supporters. In particular, when another member of Concerned Dog Owners of California was addressing the Council in opposition, a supporter shouted “YOU NEED TO BE SPAYED!” Now, that’s mature. It was a bit difficult to hear the opposing speakers above the constant chatter and laughter of Judie Mancuso’s well-orchestrated crew.
Councilmember Garcetti announced the names of many supporters in attendance that had signed speaker cards. Among them were Jane Garrison and her husband Mark Garrison. I do hope Rolf Wicklund a/k/a “Mr. Judie Mancuso” was there, too. You remember Social Compassion In Legislation, right?
Ed Boks informed that the “detractors represent a narrow group of vociferous breeders that don’t want to come into the light of day.” Gosh, I am no longer called “greedy.” Now, I am “vociferous.”
Boks also informed the Council and other attendees that the current state law REQUIRES spay/neuter at eight (8) weeks. “It is safe and in the best interest of the animal.” He continued by advising everyone that “The CVMA (California Veterinary Medical Association) supports the ordinance in addition to AVMA, AHA, ASPCA, and HSUS.” Must be a brain synapse. The CVMA pulled their support from California Assembly Bill 1634 regarding “mandatory” spay/neuter last summer. Oh, well. There is “information” and then there is “(mis)information.” No biggie.
Councilmember Alarcon returned to the podium to address the problem of “back door breeders” and shares a story about a St. Bernard that roams in his neighborhood eating out of everyone’s trash. Councilmember Reyes apprised everyone of a pit bull that ran into his yard and “they had to do whatever possible to open its jaws”. He also informs us that his “kids take a club to defend his dog from loose dogs.” Can anyone say LEASH LAW? Possibly the Los Angeles Police Department needs to do hourly cruises in the neighborhoods of Alarcon and Reyes.
Councilmember Cardenas informs one and all that the price of spay or neuter in the City of Los Angeles is $60-$80. Really? Cardenas continued by sharing the cost estimate to euthanize a cat or a dog at one of Ed Bok’s fine “sheltering” establishments. The cost is $145 – $195. Why does it cost so much to euthanize a dog or a cat in an LA shelter? Let’s see. Come in the front door. Go out the back door. Possibly the dog or cat is taking a detour from the front door to the back door via the Seven Wonders of the World and a few five-star hotels along the way?
Let’s not forget Cardenas’ remarks that a a cat or dog can produce 25,000 offspring in their lifetime!! Possibly more. Hey, now I’m paying attention. I’ll take a piece of this action. Just give me a minute to select the breed with the biggest bang for my buck and let’s get those 25,000 puppies rolling out the door.
Councilmember Zine informed everyone that “something disturbs me.” He continues by sharing that he wants no “wiggle room” somewhere before inquiring “Do we have a definition of a breeder?” He “doesn’t want to see the policy of spay/neuter so loose that people can escape!”
Yes, maturity was at an all-time high today in the “City of Angels.” Please feel free to circulate!
Brat Zinsmaster

L.A. to mandate pet sterilization


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