Welcome to Dog Facts

Dog Facts is where you will find links to the truth about dogs, the scientific proofs, the case studies that balance the hysteria of the mass media, and the fallacies, misinformation, and disinformation that is rampant on other blog-sites.

Dog ownership is under an onslaught of outright attacks. It is being dismantled at an astounding rate by legislation that is propped up with disinformation.

Thesaurus Entries for disinformation;
Roget’s New Millennium™ Thesaurus – Cite This Source
Main Entry: deception
Part of Speech: noun 1
Definition: misleading
Synonyms: bamboozlement, beguilement, betrayal, blarney, boondoggle, cheat, circumvention, cozenage, craftiness, cunning, deceit, deceitfulness, deceptiveness, defraudation, dirt, disinformation, dissimulation, double-dealing, duplicity, equivocation, falsehood, flimflam, fraud, fraudulence, guile, gyp, hokum, hypocrisy, imposition, insincerity, juggling, legerdemain, lying, mendacity, pretense, prevarication, snow job, sophism, treachery, treason, trickery, trickiness, trumpery, untruth

At Dog Facts you will always be given the Antonyms: candidness, honesty, integrity,openness.


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